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Do not start the service when rules are being imported (Crashes the app if the...

Do not start the service when rules are being imported (Crashes the app if the notification is disabled)
parent 211a074e
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ import com.frostnerd.dnschanger.util.VPNServiceArgument;
import com.frostnerd.dnschanger.widgets.BasicWidget;
import com.frostnerd.utils.general.IntentUtil;
import com.frostnerd.utils.general.StringUtil;
import com.frostnerd.utils.general.Utils;
import com.frostnerd.utils.general.WidgetUtil;
import com.frostnerd.dnschanger.util.Preferences;
......@@ -222,6 +223,11 @@ public class DNSVpnService extends VpnService {
public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {
//intent = intent == null ? intent : restoreSettings(intent);
LogFactory.writeMessage(this, new String[]{LOG_TAG, "[ONSTARTCOMMAND]"}, "Got StartCommand", intent);
if(Utils.isServiceRunning(this, RuleImportService.class)){
LogFactory.writeMessage(this, new String[]{LOG_TAG, "[ONSTARTCOMMAND]"}, "Not starting the service because rules are currently being imported");
if(variablesCleared && intent != null && !(IntentUtil.checkExtra(VPNServiceArgument.COMMAND_STOP_SERVICE.getArgument(),intent) ||
IntentUtil.checkExtra(VPNServiceArgument.COMMAND_STOP_VPN.getArgument(),intent)))return START_STICKY;
serviceRunning = intent == null || !intent.getBooleanExtra(VPNServiceArgument.COMMAND_STOP_SERVICE.getArgument(), false);
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