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The app doesn't include any pro icon from font awesome anymore

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......@@ -157,8 +157,7 @@ Feel free to clone this software. However, there are a few things to notice:
- This app uses some of my own libraries which are only accessible when logged into this GitLab instance. Signing up is free and no tracking is in place.
- These libraries are distributed using an Artifactory server. **This server is not public, but I do hand out credentials on request**.
- Alternatively, replace the dependencies (`implementation 'com.frostnerd.utilskt:....`) with git sub-modules (`implementation project(...)`) after cloning the libraries.
- I own a Font Awesome Pro license and use a lot of their icons. Most of the icons used in this project are accessible with a Font Awesome Free license, but not all necessarily are. Either you have to own a license yourself, or check whether a particular icon is also usable with the Free license.
- Nebulo uses icons from Font Awesome covered under their free license. Nebulo gives attribution in the Credits section.
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