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  • build62   Version 1.4.0 (Build 62)
    Release build62
    • When starting Nebulo from a server shortcut that server is now persisted
    • Added support for iptables in non-vpn mode. This requires a rooted device
    • DNS rule sources can now be updated individually
    • The internal (fallback) DNS server can now be configured
    • Fixed a bug where the amount of bypassed apps increased in the notification
    • Added instructions for third-party apps in the Non-VPN preferences
  • build60   Version 1.3.0-Alpha (Build 60)
    d2a5aa06 · Update CHANGELOG.md ·
    Release build60
    • Added new translations
    • Added reusing connections, reducing battery usage
    • Nebulo now detects the supported mode when adding a DNS-over-HTTPS server
    • Nebulo can now be resumed from the main screen
    • Fixed input validation of DNS-over-HTTPS not allowing some valid servers
    • The PIN now has to be re-entered after some time
    • Nebulo can now run in (experimental) non-VPN mode, where it uses a DNS Server instead of a dummy VPN. This requires third-party apps for forwarding DNS queries to Nebulo
  • build61   Version 1.3.0 (Build 61)
    Release build61
    • There are now new translations
    • Battery usage has been reduced a bit
    • Nebulo now detects the type of new DoH servers
    • ... And more
  • build46   Version 1.0-Beta (Build 46)
    796d1be2 · Current release mappings ·
  • build44   Version 1.0-Beta (Build 44)
  • build2   Version 1.0-Alpha (Build 2)
    Release build2
    • First release of the Alpha version.