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<string name="changelog_build_66_6">Added BraveDNS and Cloudflare security</string>
<string name="changelog_build_66_7">Added introduction screens when first launching the app</string>
<string name="changelog_build_66_8">Added a server selection screen when first launching the app</string>
<string name="changelog_build_66_9">Added a notification shown when the current server has a bad connection</string>
<string name="changelog_build_66_10">Added a filter to the query log</string>
<string name="changelog_build_66_11">Added a field showing how many queries have been resolved with DNS rules</string>
<string-array name="changelog_build_66">
<item>Version 1.5.0 (Build 66)</item>
......@@ -435,5 +438,10 @@
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