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......@@ -36,6 +36,24 @@ Nebulo is a completely original piece of software. It doesn't use any other depe
- As mentioned no other VPN can be active when Nebulo is running.
- Nebulo works fine with non-VPN firewalls in place (such as AFWall+), but changes in firewall profiles [could break the VPN](, requiring a restart of Nebulo.
- Other means of ad-blocking, like modifying the `/etc/hosts` file or the `AdAway` app go hand in hand with Nebulo as well.
- The AdGuard app might cause Nebulo not to receive DNS queries
## Core features
The app consists of a few core features:
* Dns forwarding using dns-over-https and dns-over-tls
* A customizable in-memory DNS cache
* You can configure minimum caching time and default caching times
* A list of servers with a lot of default entries
* You can add your own servers as well
* A DNS speed test
* Query logging
* DNS rules, where you can specify your own IP addresses for hosts
* Rules can be imported from files and URLs (supports 4 different formats)
* Highly customizable settings
* Disable IPv4/IPv6
* Allow captive portals
* Allow search domains on the current network
* ... And more
# Help wanted
Requesting your support: the app is getting closer to a proper release but it's still missing an important aspect: translations.
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