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Repository for the open-source app [Nebulo](
Nebulo is a DoH/DoT app.
# Nebulo
Nebulo is a free, open-source, non-root and small sized DNS changer utilizing dns-over-https and dns-over-tls to bring privacy and security to your phone.
It is fast, contains no ads or tracking and offers a lot of flexibility.
# Installation
The app is distributed over the play store, F-Droid and as .apk file.
App icon by [RKBDI](
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## Play store
Go to the [play store](, download the app and have fun.
## F-Droid
1. Add the repository on your F-Droid app by clicking [this link](
- Or add it yourself, with fingerprint 74BB580F263EC89E15C207298DEC861B5069517550FE0F1D852F16FA611D2D26
- You can use the [QR-Code as well](material/fdroid_qr.jpg) .
2. Update your repositories (by pulling down to refresh)
3. Search for Nebulo
4. Download the app.
5. Don't forget to check for updates sometimes.
## Binary
The file is distributed as .apk file in two places:
- In the [telegram group](
- In the automated build system (CI) here in GitLab. [Click here]( to download the latest signed build.
- The latest signed build isn't always the current release, keep in mind that those are merely signed development builds.
# Community
Want to be always up-to-date on the development of this app? Looking for a way to contact the developer?
Join our [Telegram group](!
# Issues, feature requests and questions
Have an idea, question or encountered a bug? Feel free to create an issue [right here in GitLab](
# Developer contact
There are several ways for you to contact the developer:
**E-Mail**: [](
**Telegram**: [@Ch4t4r](
**Skype**: [daniel38452](skype:daniel38452)
# Credits
A list of some extraordinary people who contributed to this project:
- App icon and notification icon by [RKBDI](
**Want to see your name here? Feel free to contribute!**
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