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First update to the readme as a way to better reflect what this app does and what it is for

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Nebulo is a free, open-source, non-root and small sized DNS changer utilizing dns-over-https and dns-over-tls to bring privacy and security to your phone.
It is fast, contains no ads or tracking and offers a lot of flexibility.
# Our mission
Our mission is to provide access to dns-over-tls and dns-over-https as a tool against censorship and tracking. Many countries block controversial or government-critical websites using DNS which can possibly be circumvented using either of those protocols.
The second topic, tracking, is nearly as important as the topic of censorship. Many ISPs use their own DNS servers as a way of tracking their users. Using DoH/DoT puts an end to this by encrypting your dns queries.
# How it works
Nebulo uses the VPN API of the Android system to create a dummy VPN which intercepts all packets for the dns servers of your device. This dummy VPN is __not__ a real VPN and does not tunnel your packets - it only handles dns packets. As only one VPN can be activate at any given time you have to decice between using Nebulo or a real VPN.
## What this is based on
Nebulo is a completely original piece of software. It doesn't use any other dependency under the hood for the dns capabilities. Check the [dependencies]( to see what is used for everything build around DoH/DoT.
## Incompatibilities, compatibilities and possible problems
- As mentioned no other VPN can be active when Nebulo is running.
- Nebulo works fine with non-VPN firewalls in place (such as AFWall+), but changes in firewall profiles [could break the VPN](, requiring a restart of Nebulo.
- Other means of ad-blocking, like modifying the `/etc/hosts` file or the `AdAway` app go hand in hand with Nebulo as well.
# Help wanted
Requesting your support: the app is getting closer to a proper release but it's still missing an important aspect: translations.
Translations are important to reach as broad of an audience as possible and for non-english speakers to be able to use the app to it's full extent.
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