Commit 04fa51dd authored by Daniel Wolf's avatar Daniel Wolf
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Add strings for #261

parent 6141c466
......@@ -219,4 +219,9 @@
<string name="dialog_dnsrules_status_userrule">This host is part of the DNS rules defined by you.</string>
<string name="dialog_dnsrules_status_fromsource">This host is part of the source %1s</string>
<string name="dialog_dnsrules_status_sourcenotfound">This host is in the DNS rules, but the source is unknown.</string>
<string name="querylog_filter_title">Filter query log</string>
<string name="querylog_filter_info">Select which types of queries you want to see</string>
<string name="querylog_filter_type_forwarded">Resolved by the DNS server</string>
<string name="querylog_filter_type_blocked_by_server">Blocked by the DNS server</string>
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