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1.3.0, Build 61:
- There are now new translations
- Battery usage has been reduced a bit
- Nebulo now detects the type of new DoH servers
- ... And more
1.3.0-Beta, Build 59:
- Added new translations
- Added reusing connections, reducing battery usage
- Nebulo now detects the supported mode when adding a DNS-over-HTTPS server
- Nebulo can now be resumed from the main screen
- Fixed input validation of DNS-over-HTTPS not allowing some valid servers
- The PIN now has to be re-entered after some time
- Nebulo can now run in (experimental) non-VPN mode, where it uses a DNS Server instead of a dummy VPN. This requires third-party apps for forwarding DNS queries to Nebulo
1.2.3, Build 58:
- The primary host/url could wrongly be empty when adding a server
- A notification is now shown when Nebulo loses permission to the VPN
1.2.2, Build 57:
- Fixed a crash from the last release
*[Build 56 skipped]*
1.2.1, Build 55:
- Bugfixes for previous release
1.2.0, Build 54:
- Fixed some VoIP apps not connecting when Nebulo is active
- Creating a server shortcut now lets you select one from the list
- Fixed not clearing the export count when deleting logged queries
- Fixed a few crashes
1.1.0, Build 53:
- This version fixes a crash and a bug which caused the query log to not save correctly.
1.0.3, Build 52:
- The DNS Rules now prevent CNAME cloaking
- Fixed a bug which prevented DoH servers with multiple slashes (/) being added properly
- Fixed a crash which rarely happened with query logging active
1.0.2, Build 51:
- Whitelist Dns Rules can now be exported as well
- Fixed wildcard Dns Rules not being exported correctly
- Updated servers
1.0.1, Build 50:
- Bugfixes for previous release
1.0.0, Build 49:
- First non-Beta release!
- A setting has been added which clears the DNS cache
- The automatic crash reporting can now be set to full, minimal and off (previously only on/off was possible)
- The query log now shows an indication when the DNS server might have blocked the host
- The DNS rules are now way faster
- Fixed a few bugs which could cause the app to not forward DNS queries after some time on some devices
- And more
1.0-Beta, Build 48:
- Added a setting to simplify the notification
- The query log now shows the host source of the DNS rule, if the question was answered from the DNS rules
- The language now properly switches in all windows when changing it in the app settings
- Fixed a lot of crashes
1.0-Beta, Build 47:
- The query log now shows the TTL and IP responses
- The query log can now be searched for specific hosts
- The language can now be changed from within the app
- The main screen now displays whether private DNS is active (Android 9+)
- Added news servers
- Design changes
- Improved handling of dns rules
1.0-Beta, Build 46:
- Split the settings into multiple layouts to increase readability
- Overhauled the query log
1.0-Beta, Build 45:
- Split the settings into multiple layouts to increase readability
- Overhauled the query log
1.0-Beta, Build 44:
- The app should now be able to recover itself when the screen has been off for some time
- Dns rules can now be configured to updated periodically
- Host sources are now only downloaded/parsed when their content changed
- The dns rules now support wildcards
1.0-Beta, Build 43:
- The server info in the side bar menu now shows the current latency
- The speed test now only shows servers which support the current network
- Fixed dnsmasq host sources not being imported
- The dns rules view now shows the total amount of rules
- A dialog is now shown when the system kills the app, informing about possible solutions
- Fixed a few crashes
1.0-Beta, Build 42:
- Fixed crashes from previous release
1.0-Beta, Build 41:
- Dns rule sources can now be used as whitelists
- The host sources now indicate how many rules were duplicate in a file
- Added new servers
- User-defined servers can now be edited
- The server list now only shows server which support the current network (IPv4 or IPv6)
- Host sources can now be edited by clicking on them
- The dns rules now don't open a separate window anymore
- Fixed a few crashes
1.0-Beta, Build 40:
- Performance and memory improvements
- All servers in the server dialog can now be deleted by long-clicking them
- Google Play can now be removed from the list of bypass apps
- You can now whitelist domains in the dns rules. If whitelisted they will be sent to the dns server, regardless of whether they are present in a file you provide
1.0-Beta, Build 39:
- This is a performance focused update which should make dns queries faster, use less memory and be less battery consuming.
1.0-Beta, Build 38:
- This is a performance focused update which should make dns queries faster, use less memory and be less battery consuming.
1.0-Beta, Build 37:
- Fixed some crashes
- A few design improvements
- The dns rule import is now a bit faster
- Imported dns rules now take less space on the device
1.0-Beta, Build 36:
- You can now export the dns rules
- Dns rules can now be imported from files
- Fixed dns rules not being imported from very small sources
- The rule import can now recognize non-default letters (such as umlauts)
- Moved the dns rules to the sidebar menu
- Fixed a crash which occurred on some device
1.0-Beta, Build 35:
- Fixed some crashes related to the dns rule import
- Aborting the dns rule import now doesn't freeze the UI anymore
- Small performance improvement for dns-over-https
- The host sources for the dns rules now show how many rules were imported from them
1.0-Beta, Build 34:
- Fixed crashes from previous release
1.0-Beta, Build 33:
- Added Turkish, Indonesian, Russian and Dutch translations
- The notification shown when the app crashes when automatic crash reporting is disabled now has a button to send the log files
- Replaced some of the icons
- Fixed a few crashes
- Added a view to test dns server speeds
- You can now specify custom IP addresses for hosts. Hosts can be imported from URLs and added by hand.
- A few design tweaks
1.0-Beta, Build 32:
- Overhauled the UI a bit
- Dns-over-TLS now works more reliable in bad networks
- Added a setting to intercept foreign DNS traffic (for example because of async DNS)
- Added a view to the drawer which shows the current server in use and the IP-addresses it resolves to
- The app now uses different internal addresses
- Fixed a few crashes and app freezes
1.0-Beta, Build 31:
- Added partial German translation
- Added settings to disable the stop/pause buttons of the notification
- A notification is now shown if the app crashes and automatic crash reporting is enabled
- Fixed a few crashes
1.0-Beta, Build 30:
- Added new notification icon
- Fixed the privacy policy not loading
- Clarified the blacklist/whitelist text in the notification
- Fixed a few crashes
1.0-Beta, Build 29:
- Added new app icon
- Fixed a lot of crashes
- Added automatic crash reporting. This reporting is privacy-friendly and opt-in.
- Added a setting to clear logged queries
1.0-Beta, Build 28:
- The stop button in the notification works again
- A higher timeout is now used for DoH servers (should improve network on bad connections)
- Fixed some DoT servers not working
- UncensoredDns is now used as default server
- Small performance improvements
1.0-Beta, Build 27:
- DoH servers which return invalid responses from time to time (e.g PowerDNS) now won't crash the app
- Fixed a lot of other crashes
- Logs can now be shared again when the app crashes
- The notification shown when the app has no/a bad connection is now turned off by default and can be enabled in the settings
- Added a pause button to the notification
1.0-Beta, Build 26:
- The app doesn't crash anymore for servers which only have IPv4 addresses when the network only has IPv6 addresses
- Fixed the no connection notification not vanishing properly
- The no connection notification can now be dismissed
- The app had the wrong servers of UncensoredDNS
1.0-Beta, Build 25:
- Improved handling of IPv6/IPv6 - the app now works reliable in networks which only support either
- Added new DNS servers
- A notification is now shown when there is no/a bad connection
- The app doesn\'t crash anymore if an unknown host is used - it shows the aforementioned notification instead
1.0-Beta, Build 24:
- Fixed crashes from previous release
1.0-Beta, Build 23:
- Non-default ports are now shown for DoT servers
- Added a dialog to highlight changes
- Fixed the server import not working on OS versions below Android 7
- You can now pin protect the app in the settings
1.0-Beta, Build 22:
- Small fixes for DoT
1.0-Beta, Build 21:
- Added Dns-over-Tls (DoT). Either dns-over-tls or dns-over-https can be used.
1.0-Beta, Build 20:
- This is the first beta release of the app.
- Performance improvements
- Decreased apk size
- Added custom cache time for NXDOMAIN responses
- Fixed some crashes
1.0-Alpha, Build 19:
- Set the license of the project to GPLv3
- Added shortcuts on the launcher to quickly start the app with preconfigured servers (and to switch easily between them)
- Disabling IPv4/IPv6 doesn't break Internet access anymore
- Added settings to allow/deny IPv6 or IPv4 traffic entirely. Defaults to allow
- Increased speed of the dns resolution
- Fixed some crashes of the underlying VPN architecture
1.0-Alpha, Build 18:
- Fixed a crash when the vpn was started while the phone was connecting to a network
- Fixed the app not using DoH when the network has a search domain
1.0-Alpha, Build 17:
- The Server import feature now has a name and doesn't just show "Smokescreen" anymore
- The server import feature now doesn't open all files anymore
......@@ -15,6 +297,7 @@
- The internal log now logs queries better (don't confuse this with the query logging feature ;))
- Fixed a lot of crashes
1.0-Alpha, Build 16:
- Added more IP addresses for the keweon null-route feature (it didn't nullroute everything)
- Changed the .dohserver file format (now contains more information and one file can host multiple servers)
......@@ -23,11 +306,13 @@
- The query logging menu item now shows/hides instantly (previously the app had to be restarted once)
- Fixed a lot of crashes and other bugs
1.0-Alpha, Build 15:
- The app doesn't crash anymore when accessing the Cache twice at the same time
- The app doesn't crash anymore when answering with SERVER_FAIL to the device when the upstream server returned an error
- Made the color of titles in the preferences brighter when using the true black theme
1.0-Alpha, Build 14:
- Logged queries can now be exported as .csv
- Adjusted the true black theme
......@@ -36,6 +321,7 @@
- Fixed a bug crashing the app when the server encountered an error (i.e. HTTP code 500)
- Fixed a bug crashing the app sometimes when there was an error transmitting the data
1.0-Alpha, Build 13:
- App now uses a different library for handling the database (faster & more reliable)
- Reduced the .apk size by ~200kb
......@@ -52,9 +338,11 @@
- Added a setting to null-terminate domains blocked by keweon
--> This only shows up when keweon is used as primary server
1.0-Alpha, Build 12:
- Small christmas overhaul of the app, no functional changes
1.0-Alpha, Build 11:
- A dialog is now shown when the app crashes asking whether you want to send the logs to me (If logging is enabled)
- Crash logs (contains the stacktrace, app and android version) are now always created, even if logging is disabled
......@@ -62,6 +350,7 @@
- Fixed the crash when changing the theme twice
- Added Tasker Action plugin for starting/stopping
1.0-Alpha, Build 10:
- Added a QuickSettings tile (the ones in the expanded navigation dropdown of the system) for starting/stopping the app
- Logging can now be disabled in the settings
......@@ -75,6 +364,7 @@
- The back key now works properly to exit the app
- Other minor fixes
1.0-Alpha, Build 9:
- The DNS queries are now logged in the internal logs. This will be removed in future releases, but is useful for debugging right now.
- The VPN now only uses IPv6 when the device is able to use IPv6 (led to crashes)
......@@ -82,11 +372,13 @@
- The logs can now be sent via E-mail and as general export, you'll be asked what you want
--> You can now configure the cache in the settings (enable/disable it, set the cache time for entries, set a maximum cache size [This isn't working properly right now]). The cache is enabled by default.
1.0-Alpha, Build 8:
- The notification doesn't make sounds anymore
- The notification now shows how many entries are cached
- Added logging which collects some debug info for me (only locally on your device, you can send the logs to me by hand)
1.0-Alpha, Build 7:
- Added the telegram group link to the sidebar menu
- Added a setting to disallow other VPNs
......@@ -95,9 +387,11 @@
- The VPN now restarts automatically when selecting a new server or changing the excluded apps
- Some internal changes
1.0-Alpha, Build 6:
- Altered the underlying Vpn library to achieve stability and better performance
1.0-Alpha, Build 5:
Excluded apps setting:
- You can now choose whether to show system apps or not
......@@ -109,12 +403,15 @@
- Added a few new entries into the menu
1.0-Alpha, Build 4:
- You can now configure apps in the settings which shouldn't use dns-over-https -- those apps will bypass SmokeScreen
1.0-Alpha, Build 3:
- Bugfixes, the app can now start automatically after the phone finished booting
1.0-Alpha, Build 2:
- First release of the Alpha version.
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