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That's it, now both are running at the same time! You should see the query count increase in Nebulos notification.
### V2Ray
### RethinkDNS
[RethinkDNS]( is an app very similar to Nebulo which also offers encrypted DNS and has additional features like a firewall and the capability to use an upstream SOCKS5 proxy.
By chaining Nebulo behind RethinkDNS you can keep all features Nebulo offers, whilst also being able to use a firewall or any VPN app which supports SOCKS5, like Orbot.
Setting it up is simple:
1. Open RethinkDNS, click on the `DNS` setting
2. Click on configure, select `DNS Proxy` from the drop-down
3. Click on add, use `` for IP Address and `11053` (or your configured Non-VPN mode port) for port.
4. Start Nebulo in Non-VPN mode, then start RethinkDNS
(5. Not required, but recommended doing) In RethinkDNS, go to settings and exclude Nebulo from Firewall and DNS
### Orbot/V2Ray
Orbot/V2Ray can be used together with Nebulo through RehinkDNS.
Follow the steps [above](#rethinkdns), additionally do the following:
1. In RethinkDNS, go to settings and exclude Orbot/V2Ray from Firewall and DNS
2. Scroll down a bit, enable the `SOCKS5 proxy` and `HTTP(S) Proxy` option
- For SOCKS5, set the port to 9050 (10808 if using V2Ray), App to Orbot/V2Ray
- For HTTPS, set the port to 8118 (10809 if using V2Ray), App to Orbot/V2Ray
#### V2Ray without RethinkDNS
[V2Ray]( is an app supporting multiple protocols like Shadowsocks to hide your identity and anonymize your browsing.<br>
To use Nebulo with it you manually have to edit your config file to use the DNS server Nebulo hosts in non-VPN mode.
It is available at and the port you configured in the settings (default 11053).<br>
You can use [this documentation]( from V2Ray to see how you have to configure it.<br><br>
After configuring both apps simply start them and the query count in Nebulos notification should increase.
As this is complicated and cannot be done with V2Rays UI I recommend using RethinkDNS as described above.
## Battery usage
There shouldn't be any difference in Nebulos battery usage when using non-VPN mode.
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