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......@@ -38,12 +38,31 @@ Then follow these steps (Click on the step for a screenshot):
That's it, now both are running at the same time! You should see the query count increase in Nebulos notification.
### V2Ray
### RethinkDNS
[RethinkDNS]( is an app very similar to Nebulo which also offers encrypted DNS and has additional features like a firewall and the capability to use an upstream SOCKS5 proxy.
By chaining Nebulo behind RethinkDNS you can keep all features Nebulo offers, whilst also being able to use a firewall or any VPN app which supports SOCKS5, like Orbot.
Setting it up is simple:
1. Open RethinkDNS, click on the `DNS` setting
2. Click on configure, select `DNS Proxy` from the drop-down
3. Click on add, use `` for IP Address and `11053` (or your configured Non-VPN mode port) for port.
4. Start Nebulo in Non-VPN mode, then start RethinkDNS
(5. Not required, but recommended doing) In RethinkDNS, go to settings and exclude Nebulo from Firewall and DNS
### Orbot/V2Ray
Orbot/V2Ray can be used together with Nebulo through RehinkDNS.
Follow the steps [above](#rethinkdns), additionally do the following:
1. In RethinkDNS, go to settings and exclude Orbot/V2Ray from Firewall and DNS
2. Scroll down a bit, enable the `SOCKS5 proxy` and `HTTP(S) Proxy` option
- For SOCKS5, set the port to 9050 (10808 if using V2Ray), App to Orbot/V2Ray
- For HTTPS, set the port to 8118 (10809 if using V2Ray), App to Orbot/V2Ray
#### V2Ray without RethinkDNS
[V2Ray]( is an app supporting multiple protocols like Shadowsocks to hide your identity and anonymize your browsing.<br>
To use Nebulo with it you manually have to edit your config file to use the DNS server Nebulo hosts in non-VPN mode.
It is available at and the port you configured in the settings (default 11053).<br>
You can use [this documentation]( from V2Ray to see how you have to configure it.<br><br>
After configuring both apps simply start them and the query count in Nebulos notification should increase.
As this is complicated and cannot be done with V2Rays UI I recommend using RethinkDNS as described above.
## Battery usage
There shouldn't be any difference in Nebulos battery usage when using non-VPN mode.
......@@ -81,4 +100,4 @@ As mentioned Nebulo automatically cleans up after itself, removing the iptables
If Nebulo is force-stopped (either by you or by the system) it isn't able to cleanup after itself.
This causes the rules to remain and because Nebulo doesn't host the DNS server anymore will cause you to not have any connection.<br>
To remove the rules simply open Nebulo again (you don't have to start it, opening the app is enough).
It detects that the rules were not properly removed and will delete them.
\ No newline at end of file
It detects that the rules were not properly removed and will delete them.
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